Tuesday, June 30, 2009

Won Ton House

Review by Cabbage:

After a long week at work we decided that cooking was out of the question, so my family and I headed out for a night into the heart of Melbourne to try out Won Ton House on Russel St. The decor, was just as you would expect, plastic tables and chairs downstairs. Whilst upstairs large round wooden tables were scattered around the room with matching ornate chairs.

To relieve the chill three out of the four of us ordered our two favourites; Wonton Noodle Soup and Prawn Dumpling Noodle Soup, along with these we had the Combination Chow Mein and Chciken and Cenutry Egg Congee. On top of these we also enjoyed an entree of deep fried spicy squid tentacles and soft shell crab ins spicy salt. As was expected the squid tentacles disappeared as soon as they hit the table, the meat was sweet and tender. The soft shell crab didn't disappoint with its delicate meat hidden beneath the crispy batter. The soups were perfect to stave off the chill of the evening (although a couple more dumplings in the soup would have been welcome) with the Congee being the favourite of the night. The Chow Mein was also a crowd pleaser with its chunks of seafood, chicken and vegetables providing something for everyone at the table. All in all we enjoyed our night at the Won Ton House, the restaurant definitely provides "bang for your buck" with the bill coming to just under $80 for four.

Place: Wonton House
Add: 181 Russel St

Did we have a great time? Definatley

Would you go again? We would probably try another restaurant on Russel St first.

Recommended? Sure, it was great value for money.

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