Thursday, June 25, 2009

Phillipa's Breads, Pastries and Provisions

There are countless places on High St Armadale where you can buy a $4.00+++ latte but for the most consistent service, highest quality of baked pastries and breads you cannot go past Phillapa’s Breads, Pastries and Provisions.

Even thought there is a cheap eats sticker on the door do not be deceived (as currently they stock a goat’s cheese called Holy Goat’s at $16.00 for 50g which makes it only $320 per kilo! Holy Goat! it better be good.) Nevertheless the aroma, taste and presentation of their produce highlights the use of quality ingredients and begs you to enter.

To their credit Phillipa’s use all organic ingredients which equates to no light, skinny options and no skinny lattes. For the veteran skinny latte drinker this is an unaccustomed change but the organic milk makes the coffee creamier and more enjoyable (plus it is only 2% extra fat.)

However, be warned once you make this small seemingly insignificant concession you will soon find yourself in the realm of pastries and provisions that necessitates that you throw the calorie counter out the window. At this point you are greeted with a wide selection of provisions that include chutney’s, biscuits, jams, cheeses and butter from France and organic milk that are imported or homemade and priced accordingly. Their amble selection of quality breads are well complimented by their provisions.

The standout aspect of Phillipa’s must be due its ever changing use of seasonal produce and incorporation of excellent organic food which creates the flavours. At the moment they have both generous pasties and sausage rolls on the menu. The vegetarian pasties have a crisp pastry that are filled to the brim with vegetables (which are distinguishable) filled with flavour and have a lovely aroma whilst the sausage roll has a nice mix of mince with adequate spices. These are served with homemade tomato chutney which has a chunky and silky texture. You can definitely taste the use of only top quality ingredients and after a few bites into either you forget about the lack of change and slowly begin to develop the Phillipa’s addiction.

Phillipa’s is on par with other places on High St when it comes to price but in a league of its own when comes to flavour, service and imaginative quality baking. The biggest problem you will ever have is that the taste and memory will linger and you will drawn back again and again.

Did we have a great time? Yes, service was quick and efficient! Food was great!
Would you go again? Yes I’m addicted
Recommended? Of course

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