Sunday, June 28, 2009

BBQ HOUSE SeaFood Restaurant- Richmond

Hungry on a Saturday night the decision was made to grab something to eat before going to see Transformers 2 at Victoria Gardens in Richmond ( 2 and a half stars in case your wondering). So of course the natural choice was to wander down Victoria Street and see what caught our eye.

Why did we choose BBQ HOUSE? The truth is after watching too much Masterchef this week we couldn't go past a place with roast duck and pork hanging in the front window plus the fact that we could get a table straight away even though the place was full helped make up our minds.

We ordered four dishes to share and B-Girl ordered. It was a good thing that the crisp pork came out first because it didn't disappoint! Crispy skin, tender flesh, mmmmmmm it didn't last long.
The next dish was duck wrapped in fried taro. It came with a dipping sauce that enhanced the flavours and was also fantastic.
As we were in a seafood restaurant we ordered some calamari with Chinese brocolini and vegetables that did not hit the mark even thought the vegetables were crisp the calamari was a bit tough and the whole dish was uninspiring. Normally, when we go out for Asian dinners the calamari disappears as soon as the plate touches the table. Unfortunately not this time :( . Our final dish was a vegetarian stir fry of Chinese mushroom, bamboo shoots and bok choy. It complemented our other dishes well.

The bill came to just under $80 and the staff were quick to take orders.

Did we have a great time? Yes
Would you go again?ehh probably try a different place on Victoria street
Recommended? yes why not


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  2. I love bbq house.. try the shan don chicken and the salt & pepper squid.. i have tried many places along vic st over a long period of time and i keep going back to BBQ House..