Tuesday, August 18, 2009

The Ferg Loves You

On holidays in NZ for a bit of skiing and I couldn't resist another visit to the best burger place that I have ever been to FergBurger.

I remember going to the Ferg when it was still located in a back alley of Queenstown, but since then it has moved to a new location onto one of the main streets. While in my opinion it has lost some of that "Melbourne" back alley charm its burgers haven't lost any of their flavour.

The photo's really speak for themselves, the meat is delicious, the salad freash and crispy, and the sauses have that home made flavour to them.

Burgers run from nz$10 to nz$16, they do beef, chicken, fish(the codfather), and veggie burgers. On this particular day I had the southern swine(its a regular beef burger with bacon), the chips thay serve are also fresh and crispy.

In its new(for me anyway) location the Ferg always seems busy now days and for good reason!

Did we have a great time? Definately

Would you go again? I'm thinking of going back there right now

Recommended? It is one of the burger wonders of the world, don't miss it! And Queenstown is pretty good as well!

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