Saturday, June 20, 2009


99 Glenferrie Road, Malvern

B-Girl accepted an new position at work on Friday so four of us went for a late dinner on a Saturday night for a small celebration.

We shared 2 entrees the foccacia(ehh nice but nothing special)
and the bruscetta, which was excellent, as you can see heaps of tomato's that were nice and firm, but not hard, and when we finally found the bread it wasn't soggy as is sometimes the case

For mains we had

Rib Eye(medium)

Veal Scaloppine with a mushroom cream sauce (yummy!)

Whole flounder

Pizza with mushroom and truffle paste (the special), didn't look like anything special but tasted great! It's made in a wood fired oven which sits near the front of the restaurant.

Interesting enough nobody ordered pasta even though they make there own pasta and that's why we went there in the first place!

As per the entree we shared 2 dessert between the 4 of us, in this case it was the

tiramisu (a bit creamy for my liking)

and a ricotta and almond calzone (the special) with a vanilla bean ice cream, this was also made in the wood fired oven and was covered in a caramel sauce

The winners of the night where the Veal and the Calzone, the place has got a great welcoming atmosphere and we all felt relaxed straight away. The wood fired oven gives a nice warmth to the place, particularly on a cold(ish) Melbourne night. On the down side we all felt let down by the vegetables, they where all a bit over cooked and even a bit cold.

Total bill was just short of $200 which included a bottle of wine

Did we have a great time? Yes!
Would we go again? Yes
Recomended? Yes

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